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New President of the European Judo Union

By: Bob Willingham
  Mr Vizer casts his vote at the 52nd Ordinary Congress of the European Judo Union"I will take judo to a new level." Marius Vizer Friday 7th April 2000
On Friday 7th April 2000 at the 52nd Ordinary Congress of the European Judo Union, Mr Marius Vizer (the Romanian Judo President) was elected as the new European Judo Union President and thus Vice President of the International Judo Federation. Beating the existing President Frans Hoogendijk from the Netherlands, with a clear majority of 33 -11, he said "I am very very happy for judo, for me, for the sport in general and I hope we can realise some special things in judo. I have the power with my colleges to make a very strong team."
The evening before the election Mr Vizer showed a video promoting the largest display screen in the world, "The Liberty Power Cap." This would be of great use in promoting advertising in our sport and Mr Vizer hopes to be able to incorporate it into Judo events in the future. Following dinner he gave a detailed and impressive presentation to all delegates called "Visions 2008." This he felt was a realistic period to plan for, and he explained that these visions were his personal feelings. He commented that "we should be against each other for sporting success, but together for our sport."
By creating, "working groups instead of commissions", and "task forces not talk forces", and by using his personal contacts in large scale European business he felt that the promotion of Judo could be greatly improved.
Having given such a clear idea of his future ambitions for judo the evening before the election, Mr Vizer was able to state before the assembled congress on the election day: "As you know I am a great supporter of Judo. I will take judo to a new level."
Mr Frans Hoogendijk

Frans Hoogendijk's more traditional five minute presentation concentrated on the things he had achieved during his four years as President, making particular reference to his 1996 pre-election slogan which was "Bridging the Gap." His ambition had been to enable the former Eastern bloc countries to have the same opportunities as the rest of European Judo. Judging by this election result he has certainly been successful in achieving this aim!
In the second election of the day Otto Kneitinger replaced Willi Hofgen as Vice President responsible for "A" Tournaments and for Sports matters in general. Both of these candidates coming from Germany, the German Judo president, Dieter Schuchmann spoke in favour of Mr Kneitinger, resulting in a 35-9 win. Otto Kneitinger said, "I am happy that I can now do many things for Judo. The vision of Marius Vizer is a big chance for us and now we must help him, and bring in our ideas, all the people know my ideas I have put them into practice in the past for Abensburg Judo Club, and I think now Judo has a good chance."
On the following day, Saturday 8th April, in the middle of the Sports commission presentation, Mr Pepe Rose (ESP) asked permission to speak from the floor of the congress and proposed that Mr Sergei Soloveitchik (RUS) and Mr Vladimir Barta (CZE) should be coopted for one year onto the Directing Committee to fill the vacant positions of 4th Vice President and Sports Director of the EJU ( which had become available due to the resignations of George Kerr, GBR, and Guennardi Kaletkine, RUS). The congress was then asked to show voting cards in response to the proposal and it was passed.
Subsequently Mr Soloveitchik spoke to the final meeting of the EJU Directing committee. He said "Judo is a popular and spectacular kind of sport, with lots of friends and supporters. The other side of Judo is the circle of technical support. It is a warm and friendly family. Thank you for the credit."
Mr Barta said "Thank you, I've been with you for many years, but this is my first time in 'the family'. I've seen 2 days of congress and there is a lot of work to do, and many changes to come. I'm expected to work, and I'll certainly do my best."
On the following day, in the middle of the Sports commission presentation, Mr Pepe Rose (ESP) proposed Mr Sergei Soloveitchik (RUS) and Mr Vladimir Barta (CZE) for the vacant positions ( due to the resignations of George Kerr GBR, and Guennardi Kaletkine, RUS), of 4th Vice President and Sports Director. The congress was then asked to show their voting cards and the proposal was passed.
Report: Bob Willingham
More Photos from the 52nd Ordinary Congress of the European Judo Union

Mr Vizer gives his first speech as new EJU President.

New Vice President Otto Kneittinger
gives a speech as Mr Vizer listens in.


New president of the European Judo Union, Marius Vizer (right),
with the new Vice President Otto Kneittinger (centre) and German
President, Dieter Schuchmann (left).


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