Edition No. 27. Summer, 2001. Today is
31 May 2001

To: The American Judo Community

From: David Matsumoto and Michel Brousse

Re: Looking for Information and Resources

We hope that this note finds the entire American judo community well and enjoying the beginning of summer!

On the milestone of its 50th anniversary, we have been commissioned by the United States Judo Federation to write a book documenting and celebrating not only the first 50 years of the USJF, but also about the history of American Judo. The book will be similar to the book written by us for the International Judo Federation entitled "Judo: A Sport and A Way of Life". Tentatively, the book will be an 8.5" x 11" hardcover and will be printed in color. There will also be a Deluxe Edition, which will be boxed with a more ornate cover and autographed by us.

As the book is scheduled to be released at the end of 2002, we are currently under way conducting research that will help us paint an accurate picture of the spread of judo in the U.S. We are looking for your help. We are looking for any and all kinds of historical material that may be related to any of the following five areas:

1. Judo in the Military and Police

Here we are particularly interested in receiving such sources and information as:
  • military manuals having to do with judo
  • diplomatic relations
  • training in military schools and academies
  • military reports on Russo-Japan War or World War II (or any other wars)
  • reports from SCAP archives (e.g., those leading to the ban of judo in Japan and Germany)
  • reports and documents related to General LeMay's influence and official decisions taken regarding judo
  • reports on fights during the Pacific War, especially with regard to bare hands or close quarters combat
  • the abandonment of judo teaching as seen in military manuals following the sportification of judo
  • contests or exhibitions within the military
  • anything else having to do with judo spread, diffusion, and development
2. Judo in the Entertainment World

Here we are particularly interested in such things as:
  • judo and jujitsu exhibitions in theaters, music halls
  • judo in the circus and fairs
  • judo in the movies and theater
  • judo in postcards
  • judo in political cartoons
  • judo and its relationship with professional wrestling
  • judo in magazines
3. Judo and Physical Culture

Here we are particularly interested in such things as:
  • the spread of judo as taught as self-defense
  • the spread of judo as a method of diffusing Japanese culture
4. Judo and Various National Organizations

Here we are particularly interested in such things as:
  • judo programs in the boy scouts
  • judo programs in the YMCAs or YWCAs
5. Judo and the Japanese Community

Here we are particularly interested in such things as:
  • judo and Japanese immigration to the U.S.
  • judo as a means to maintain cultural identity
  • judo as a means to deal with social issues
  • judo in the relocation centers
  • pre-war judo in the states
  • the various judo organizations - why they were created, etc.
For ALL of the above - we are interested in photographs, documents, books, posters, videos, movies - just about any and all kinds of resources.

If you have something you think may be interesting or relevant to this important project, please drop one of us a note and tell us about it. We would love to hear from you.

If we are lucky enough to have occasion to borrow something from you for the book, it will definitely be returned to you after publication. And, of course, we will provide you with full credit for the resource in the book itself.

Thank you very much in advance for your help and contribution.

David Matsumoto
Michel Brousse


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