Edition No. 29. Winter, 2001.
Y.S Park Elected as IOC Member
AGM Salt Lake City, USA
6 February, 2002

SALT LAKE CITY (IJF) - In a major boost for International Judo Federation (IJF) power in international sports, IJF President, Yong Sung Park of Korea was elected as a member of the IOC 67-26, with one abstention.

Park becomes the first President of the IJF to be elected as a member of the IOC and the sixth judoka elected to the IOC following Jigoro Kano, Louis Guirandou, Anton Geesink, Patrick Hickey and most recently Lassana Palenfo. Park's election to the IOC gives the IJF, two members to the IOC from the IJF Executive Committee.

Also elected to the IOC were Prince Nawaf Fahd Abdul of Saudi Arabia, Kikis Lazarides of Cyprus, Patrick Chamunda of Zambia, Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani of Qatar, Sandra Baldwin of the USA, Kai Holm of Denmark, Francois Narmon of Belgium, Youssoupha Ndiaye of Senegal and Matthew Pinset of Great Britain.

James Easton, whose company makes aluminum baseball bats and arrows, easily won the vice presidency over Canada's Paul Henderson, 52-32. Easton's new position returns a U.S. member to the IOC's powerful executive board.

Also elected to the executive board were two members who ran unopposed - Toni Khoury of Lebanon and Tommy Sithole of Zimbabwe.

Korea has three IOC members - Park, Samsung Chairman Kun-hee Lee and former IOC Vice President Dr. Un-yong Kim.

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