Edition No. 36. Autumn, 2003. Today is
Bob Willingham

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Welcome to The World of Judo Online!

Welcome to the largest edition of TWOJ ever! At 44 pages you really are getting a bumper issue this time! And I still struggled to fit in everything that I wanted to include.

I sometimes wonder, as I get stiffly to my feet after a full days photography sitting matside on the floor whether all the discomfort is worth it - but then I look at some of the classic Judo moments I have managed to capture (once I've had something to eat !) and my enthusiasm returns. I hope you enjoy looking at the images too.

A great plus in this job is the number of amazing places I get to visit as I travel the world following our Judoka from one event to the next. Since the last issue I've been to Brazil, Fiji, Japan, the Dominican Republic, Holland and of course the Budokwai in London! It's a mixed blessing as the jet lag can be ghastly and sometimes I arrive just in time for the start of the event and rush between the stadium and the hotel before dashing to make the plane home, without having a moment to appreciate any other aspect of the location - but on the occasions that I have a day spare and I get to actually have a look around the experience can be fantastic. I think it would be a good idea to only hold Judo events at venues that offer the chance to Surf! Salvador, Brazil and Fiji got it just t right! How about holding the British Championships in Woolacombe, Devon!

Only kidding.

Let me know any comments you have on the magazine, always pleased to hear from the readership.

Bob Willingham
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