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Budai Story: Kangeiko
Our man in Japan, Adi Jones, continues his report

Part 5 in an ongoing series
Graduation is less than 4 weeks away and it's been quite a time. In November it started to get colder (my Tongan training partner said that happened in September), but in December it got much colder, and even more so in January. On one occasion, which must have been the coldest day of the year, the atmosphere in the dojo was like death. You just knew most people didn't want to be there. It was freezing; the mats were literally like blocks of ice. Ever walked barefoot on ice before? Ever done judo on it? (Tell them today and they wouldn't believe you). You could see your breath, and no matter how much I scuffed my feet during the "warm up" (uhh!) and Uchi-komi, my feet remained frozen. After maybe half an hour of Randori my upper body finally began to warm up a bit but my feet and toes remained like ice and I stubbed my big toe. OUCH!
But that was nothing compared to the times me and the TWOJ webmaster (Matt) used to train in Nagano… but then that's another story…

Paul Douglas from the North East of UK turned up for a couple of weeks training in December, and it was nice to have a fellow Brit on the mat. (Hi Paul!) But the big event for us was the Kano Cup in early January. 4 guys from my course - my training partner Akapei Latu [Tonga], Erdenebaatar Uuganbayar [Mongolia], Hector Herrera [Chile] and Johnathon Barquet [Mexico]) were all eligible to compete. However, Akapei was in the unenviable position of having to loose 7kgs in 2 months! It started well, but despite wearing a sweatsuit 24/7, as it got colder it got harder to drop the weight. The judo dojo was shut for a couple of weeks over the holidays, and it was Christmas. It was a tough time I can tell you. The final kg came off in the last week and his hard work was rewarded with when he won his first match in impressive style. He was well happy.

In early January in Japan there is something called Kangeiko (literally 'cold training') supposedly to develop the spirit. As Budai is near the sea our special training took the form of a 2km run, followed by a dip in the sea, at 6.30am!!! While in the icy water we all screamed what we wanted to achieve in 2003, sang the school song (very quickly I might add) and then made a hasty exit to the beach where two big campfires and some hot sake were waiting for us with a large crowd of onlookers.

Ahh, happy memories.

Adi Jones


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- 60 Kg

1. OGAWA, Tkashi (JPN)
2. ISMAYILOV, Elchin (AZE)
3. YONETOMI, Kazurou (JPN)
3. TOKUNO, Kazuhiko (JPN)

- 66 Kg
1. TORI, Tomoo (JPN)
2. KIM, Hyung Ju (KOR)
3. CHOI, Min Ho (KOR)
3. TERAI, Takashi (JPN)

- 73 Kg
1. KANAMARU, Yuusuke (JPN)
2. TAKAMATSU, Masahiro (JPN)
3. AKBAROV, Egamnazar (UZB)
3. TANAKA, Hidemasa (JPN)

- 81 Kg
1. NAKAMURA, Kenzo (JPN)
2. AKIYAMA, Yoshihiro (JPN)
3. RAJABLI, Elkhan (AZE)
3. MURATA, Ryuichi (JPN)

- 90 Kg
1. YAZAKI, Yuta (JPN)
2. IZUMI, Hiroshi (JPN)
3. HWANG, Hee Tae (KOR)
3. DELOK, Vitcheslav (RUS)

- 100 Kg
1. SUZUKI, Keiji (JPN)
2. GILL, Nicolas (CAN)
3. SHOJI, Takeo (JPN)
3. INOUE, Tomokazu (JPN)

+ 100 Kg
1. MUNETA, Yasuyuki (JPN)
2. TAKAHASHI, Hiroaki (JPN)
3. MURAMOTO, Tatsuhiro (JPN)
3. TMENOV, Tamerlan (RUS)
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