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Rio de Janeiro launches bid to host 2007 World Championships

By Barnaby Chesterman
Rio de Janeiro officially launched its bid to host the 2007 World Championships with a presentation to Pan-American Union member presidents at the Pan-American Games in Santo Domingo. Brazilian Federation president Paulo Wanderley was joined by Brazilian Olympic Committee president Carlos Arthur Nusman and international relations director Carlos Roberto Osorio to present details of Rio's proposition.

The city bid for the 2005 championships but despite an exceptional package it missed out to Cairo. But Rio has not given up its dream of hosting the judo world championships and intends to use the momentum from its successful bid to host the 2007 Pan-American Games to also host major sports championships.

Mr Osorio outlined the details of the bid, which are very similar to the last one that received a standing ovation at the 2003 Congress in Munich. Mr Osorio said: "Our intention is to present the project of Rio to host the 2007 World Championships. This project as you know was presented in Munich. We did not win but at that time we pledged to continue and after a lot of work we have an updated bid."

The bid includes much of the same financial incentives that marked out Rio's bid for 2005. Rio will pay for the accommodation of all fighters and officials for every team at the championship. They will stay at the purpose built 8,000-capacity Athletes Village, which will be used for the Pan-American Games. Rio will also pay the flights for every country in the Pan-American region and offer financial incentives for every other country that sends a delegation.

The plan also centres around what has been termed the 'Judo Cluster'. The competition venue, training centre, press centre and Athletes Village form this cluster within a short distance of each other in the affluent neighbourhood of Barra Tijuca. Rio has also pledged to begin a comprehensive national and international promotional campaign beginning the moment the decision for the host city is made on September 8. And as the bid is being financed by the state government coffers, it has promised to guarantee live television coverage of every fight made available to everyone.

Mr Osorio added: "Rio is the most stable financial city in the country. It is a city that has resources to invest and the city has chosen to invest in sport. There is no risk of reducing the quality of the tournament."

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