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Bob Willingham

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Well, welcome to the summer issue.

I really couldn't get all the information into the normal number of pages so I've added an extra 4 pages at no extra cost, hope your postman didn't complain about the weight of the magazine! If he is like mine he probably wanted to read it! (He gets a complimentary copy).

Look out for the great new feature in this Issue. Mark Law of The Telegraph has been compiling a series entitled "My Favourite Fight", looking at historic Judo matches. Hope you enjoy it, let me know yours.

It's been a busy time since the last magazine, with The British Open, the Europeans and a trip to Salvador, Brazil for the Pan Americans (report in the next issue). You might be interested to know that all this travel to cover events is not all plain sailing, thanks to the French Air traffic controllers who as usual stuff up the whole European Air system, making me miss my connection from Lisbon to Salvador. Leaving me with a 24-hour delay!

And look how close the heavyweights landed to me, at the recent Europeans. One leg either side of me! I managed to keep shooting though! Perhaps I should wear protective clothing in future!

There was a small but important error in the last issue, which needs rectifying. The Heart of England is not a point scoring event, I'm afraid qualification criteria were changed and nobody told me.

However, thanks to everybody for keeping me up to date with what is happening around the UK. I'm sorry that there isn't the space to add all the results but it's great to include the reports, keep them coming.

I afraid there was a bit of a hiccup on the coverage of the National Teams event this year but I will make it up to you with coverage of the Junior British Open on the 30th August which is being held at Crystal Palace.

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