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Hello readers! So here is the Spring issue of TWOJ - full to bursting as usual with all the latest judo news and features. Since the Winter issue I've attended the Paris Tournament, which was a great event as always, with a good deal of British interest this time (see report on pages 20 - 23) and I also went over to cover the Maltese Open (page 14). Having taken my judo suit with me so that I could join in with the training session on the Sunday, I ended up making an unexpected last minute entry into the event! (one good way to minimise those uncomfortable pre contest nerves). I should mention that the man I beat to win Gold was subsequently awarded a special trophy for being the oldest man in the competition! Even better - when I asked him how old he was he turned out to be four years younger than me!! ( to give you a clue - he was at least 25)

As always, I would ask for your comments and thoughts on the magazine so that I can continue to include articles and photos which are of special interest to you. Speaking of photos… as you know the vast majority of the images that appear in this publication are captured by yours truly and yet you may not realise that they represent only a tiny fraction of the pictures I have taken. I like to think that TWOJ promotes all aspects of our sport and offers a showcase not only for our fighters (both young and old), our coaches and officials, but also for the businesses and traders who support judo in so many different ways. In the process it occurs to me that I should actually take the opportunity to sell my own wares! So at the risk of this becoming a bit me, me, me, you'll see I have popped in a Bob-Willingham-photographer-commercial. There has to be some advantage to being editor!!

Bob Willingham

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