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TWOJ No. 50 Spring, 2007
What's in this issue?
Here's a taste of what you'll find in the latest printed edition of The World of Judo Magazine.

  • 1. (Cover) The previous 49 TWOJ covers
  • 3. Editor’s foreword
  • 4 Technique Page:
  • 5 Moscow Super World Cup
  • 6 Fun Page
  • 8-9 Coaching: Evolution or Revolution
  • 10-11 Hamburg Super World Cup
  • 12 Toshiro Daigo & Coventry JC
  • 14-15 Interview Tony Sweeney 9th Dan
  • 16-22 European Championships 2007
  • 23 Boobydoo
  • 24-25 Hayle Academy & Dan Grades
  • 26 Judo, It saved a life
  • 28-29 Interview with John O’Brien
  • 31 Product Reviews
  • 32 News
  • 34 Scene Around
  • 35 Diary of events

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Editor's Message

Issue 50!! Who would have thought that TWOJ would ever have achieved 50 issues!! Back in the early days when the magazine started as a crazy idea when I had obtained my first Apple mac computer. Having put together an A4 sheet with a single photograph and some text I thought, “Another 35 of these and I’ll have a magazine!” It probably wouldn’t have got off the ground without George Kerr’s determination to have a British Judo magazine after the last magazine had failed about 4 years earlier. The small orange magazine survived for many years and many people still tell me that they have collected many of them, but non of A4 magazines have survived very long. I’m not surpise either, the effort and enthusiasm (regardless of finance) required to keep a publication going is huge. The weeks of work that are required to complete each magazine have changed the course of my life, without any doubt. You could make a small effort to help the future of the magazine by using the subscription form at the bottom of this page and subscribing for friend. For those old enough each issue is the price of a pint of lager and lasts a lot longer. Imagine buying 4 pints over a year that’s all it costs, and each time the magazine arrives on their doorstep they will thank you.
Now that the early part of the year’s tournament are over the focus is on the World Championships in Rio in September. The British team are taking part in conditioning camps and small competitions. For me now that this issue is finished I’m straight on to the next one! There is so much to tell you all, I keep thinking that stories will dry up, but always have too much to get between the covers. It’s often a critisism made of the magazine by ‘design experts’ that there is too much information, but I reckon that you need to know. Let me know what you think. Don’t forget to drop me a line to include in the letters page It doesn’t have to be an epic piece, just a couple of paragraphs would suffice.
Also check out my new book, details on page 32. It’s been the focus of my time for the last 18 months, tracking down medallists from the Athens 2004 Olympics and asking them for there memories and emotions. By the time you receive this issue it will be at the printers.
Good reading, Bob
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An Interview with Tony Sweeney 9th Dan

TWOJ heard that Tony Sweeny, Chief Instructor at the Budokwai, had been awarded his 9th Dan. Knowing that Tony is on the mat four times a week we went along to catch up with him and find out a bit more about his life in Judo.
Bob W: Congratulations on getting your 9th Dan Tony, when did you know about it?
Tony: Thank you very much, I heard about it down at the University of Bath whilst there for the Japanese University match. Then I subsequently I received the information in writing.
Bob W: How did you feel when you found out?
Tony: It was a pleasant surprise because I am not involved in the national committee anymore, obviously I wasn’t privy to that information until I was told.

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Tsagaanbaatar’s Trip Technique

The charismatic Khashbaatar Tsagaanbaatar, Mongolia -66kg, seen here in the blue judogi was struggling to get a score on his Saudi opponent.

In a blur of speed he sat down pulling his opponent forwards and throwing his feet between his opponents legs moving them outwards.

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Moscow World Cup 07

The last of this round of Super A Tournaments (Men and Women at the same Tournament) took place in Moscow on the 5th and 6th May. Britain had a fantastic result with the pinnacle being Euan Burton -81kg beating Ole Bischof GER (former European Champion) in the final.

Burton had a fantastic day starting by beating Lima POR who was leading until the last 20 seconds. Then the opportunity for Newaza occurred and Burton quickly executed a Jigoku-jime strangle for Ippon. Next up was the Olympic Silver medallist, Gontuk UKR who he threw with Uranage for Waza-ari. Burton said” I’ve watched it back on the video and it could have been Ippon, if so I would have been in for a share of 5,000 euro!”

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Coaching - Evolution or Revolution

Peter Gardiner

The importance of quality coaching within sport has always been recognised and with the onset of the London Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2012 coaching has been firmly pushed into the spot light. It is clear that one of the keys to delivering medal success at the Games will depend on the quality of British coaches at every level from the grassroots to high performance.

The Games may be the catalyst to raise the profile of coaching in the UK, but winning medals in London 2012 is only the beginning. The spinoff in the pre-Olympic build -up and post-Olympic legacy will be a raised awareness of the importance of a balanced healthy life style which includes sport, fitness and exercise. That’s where quality coaching can really make a positive impact on millions of people’s lives..

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Otto World Cup
by Lisa McIver

In a bid to stage the 2011 World Championships in Hamburg the German Judo Bund were determined to put on an excellent World Cup. The event was extremely well managed with the organising committee taking its responsibilities very seriously. The result for the public was a highly efficient tournament the smoothness of which belied the hard work that had taken place behind the scenes. With 443 competitors from 54 nations competing over the two days it promised to one of the best tournaments of the year.
On the first day there were a number of the top competitors fighting in the lighter weight categories (-48, -52, -57, -63, -60, -66 and -73kg). These included the current World Champion Yanet Bermoy from Cuba and the Chinese Olympic Bronze medallist Feng Gao. The home favourite in the women’s event was the current -57kg Olympic Champion and World Silver medallist, Yvonne Boenisch. In the men’s event Japan’s triple Olympic Champion, Tadahiro Nomura, was starting his campaign to try to win a fourth Olympic Gold medal. Other fighters of note were Masato Uchishiba of Japan, the 2004 Olympic Champion and Brazil’s World Champion, Joao Derly.

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BELGRADE Europeans 2007

By Danny Hicks

Great Britain returned home disappointed from Belgrade after claiming just two Bronze medals in the 2007 European Judo Championships. Many expected Team GB to build on last year’s European success, where they took two Gold medals and two Bronzes in Finland.

The cause was not helped with the absence, to injury, of multiple World medallist Karina Bryant and defending European Champion Craig Fallon. But even so, to slip from second place in the 2006 medal table to joint seventeenth this year, was a disaster, and a big step backwards.
However, the two British medals were taken by Euan Burton and Michelle Rogers, and their podium finishes were thoroughly deserved.

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By Antoinette Gissane

Now, buying a suitable sports bra for judo and other training may not seem too demanding, but there are challenges.
The first challenge is, if you want to wear a sports bra in competition you must avoid having any hard or metal objects in it or you risk disqualification. Now we have never heard of any injuries, self inflicted or otherwise by fasteners or underwires in the sport of judo. No-one has lost an eye yet to a stray underwire, and no-one is looking for trouble by drawing the attention of the referees to this potential safety issue. There are no judogi checks so there are no undies checks either (thank goodness!) – the onus is on the coach and the player to be properly prepared and be dressed within the rules.

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Interview with John O'Brien

TWOJ heard that John O’Brien (the driving force behind High Wycombe Judo Club ) was about to retire. We thought that this couldn’t go unacknowledged and went along to the centre to catch up with him.
Bob W: What was your involvement in Judo before you started the High Wycombe Judo Centre?
John: I started judo briefly in 1956, which was soon interrupted by military service, and resumed again in 1960. This was with Mr Otani at the Jubilee Judo Club in Harlesden, North West London., a few years before Kenshiro Abe arrived and formed the B.J.C. Mr Otani was a brilliant Sensi and he actually graded me to 1st Dan in December 1961. I spent 3 years at the Renshuden, Central London, which was a really interesting period. Everyone trained under the eagle eye of the late Trevor Legget. The players at the time were really special. They included John Newman, Saburu Matsushita, George Kerr, Ray Ross, John Ryan, Dave Starbrook, George Glass, Colin McIver, Dave Barnard, Jimmy McQuade, Mick Leigh, Sid Kelly and Alan Green – to name but a few and apologies to those I haven’t mentioned of which there are many.

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Hayle Academy
Education for 11-16 year old boys with judo as the main sport!

TWOJ attended the first Open Day on 21st April of Hayle Academy a new private (fee-paying) school created by Malcolm Burkett, which will cater for no more than one hundred boys, living, learning and training in beautiful Cornwall.

The Headmaster Edward Yeats-Brown sees Hayle Academy attracting boys who like judo, or sports, or who are just high in energy levels and find sitting still all day in a classroom too much of a challenge. At Hayle Academy the curriculum will be covered in the early part of the day and then in the afternoon the boys will be in the dojo learning judo. Other sports will be offered through links with the town’s clubs – rugby, football, tennis, cricket and outdoor pursuits. From an educational point of view the Academy is offering boys the chance to benefit from small numbers and thus have lots of teacher attention and care.

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Judo: It Saved A Life

by John Amtmann

The first days of the snowboard / ski season are magical. The drive to the ski hill is filled with anticipation and we’re all excited about the thrill of carving down a snowy mountain deep in the Montana Rockies.Getting on to the chairlift awakens the body’s memories of previous chairlift rides that instantaneously calm the body and mind. This year was no different. And with three daughters who have the basic skills to get on and off the lift and down the mountain on both snowboards and skis, my wife, Kelly, and I couldn’t help but feel totally content with our lives together.

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Tadahiro Nomura (JPN)

Masato Uchishiba (JPN)

Won Hee Lee (KOR)

Ilias Iliadis (GRE)

Zurab Zviadauri (GEO)

Ihar Makarau (BLR)

Keiji Suzuki (JPN)



Ryoko Tani (JPN)

Dongmei Xian (CHN)

Yvonne Boenisch (GER)

Ayumi Tanimoto (JPN)

Masae Ueno (JPN)

Noriko Anno (JPN)

Maki Tsukada (JPN)

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