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IJF Picture of the Month
IJF Picture of the Month
AUGUST, 2001

This month's picture features Vitali Makarov RUS and Yusuka Kanamuru JPN in -73 Kg Final of the 2001 World Championships.

This was without doubt one of the best displays of " The Spirit of Judo" demonstrated at the recent World Championships.

Both players had reached the final, beating all their opponents with Ippon or 2 Wazari's. They now fought the most exciting World final seen for many years. With the spectators changing player allegiance throughout the match as first one and then the other displayed flashes of brilliance, Vitali Makarov in the last minute finally scored the decisive Ippon. After the contest had been awarded the players came forward to shake hands and, far from looking dejected, Yusuka gave Vitali a friendly punch to the chest with the broadest smile as if to say "Well done, you beat me this time". A gesture in the true spirit of our sport.

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