Edition No. 41. Winter, 2004. Today is
2001 Cuba Cup:
Santiago de Cuba, Cuba

May 23, 2001

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2001 Cuba Cup 
-52 Team -60 Final

-60 Gold -70 Team

-78 Team -81 Cuba

-81 Final -100 Bronze

Group Shot #1 Group Shot #2



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2001 Paris Tournament



K. Tokumo (JPN)

I. Matsiev (RUS)

D. Fernandes (FRA)

K. Nakamura (JPN)

M. Tobitsuka (JPN)

A. Kovaks (HUN)

J. Dreyfus (FRA)



S. Nichilo-Rosso (FRA)

R. Imbriani (GER)

K. Kusakabe (JPN)

L. Decosse (FRA)

U. Werbrouck (BEL)

C. Lebrun (FRA)

M. Shintani (JPN)

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